Sitting is a Pain the Butt

Sitting is a pain in the butt-Literally!

A simple and VERY common cause of low back pain and even disc herniations is prolonged sitting. Think about it: we often sleep in a flexed (fetal) position, we sit to eat breakfast and read the paper in the morning, we sit to drive to work, and most of us sit all day while at work. Then we hop in the car and sit to drive home, eat dinner and watch T.V or read at night….That’s a lot of sitting!

All of this forward bending and sitting places a lot of pressure on the front of our spinal disc, which over time can cause it to protrude backwards onto a spinal nerve…hello sciatica! Not only that, but prolonged sitting causes our butt and core muscles to become inactive and weak and our hip and lower back muscles to become short and tight. This too can create back pain for a variety of reasons.

What to do? GET UP! The motion is the lotion for our back. We need to move to prevent back pain from occurring. Popping pills is not the answer.

Here is a great exercise sheet you can do at work to help with your pain. I give this sheet to all my desk worker patients regardless of their problem. Studies have shown that even if you exercise regularly, prolonged sitting increases your risk of heart disease and other adverse health issues. Moral of the story is we all need more movement to keep healthy and happy!

To your health and well being,

Jesse Awenus B.A (Hons) Kin, MSc.PT
Registered Physiotherapist


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