A Headache is a Pain in the Neck

At least half of my patients at any given week are headache patients. Their "diagnoses" range from anything to tension headache, migraine, whiplash, TMD, neck pain, etc...

One thing that is often misdiagnosed by hopefully well meaning clinicians is the migraine headache. Even severe headaches coming from the neck have similar presentation to a migraine but do not have a trigger. They are also typically not one sided or in a small area like behind the right eye.

A physical therapist can often do wonders for mechanical neck pain, which often radiates into the head. The following video is a demonstration of me explaining why head and neck posture matter, and why improper posture can cause headaches, neck pain, or facial pain. You should leave your first appointment with a clear understanding of why you are having headaches, facial, and/or neck pain. You should also have a clear plan and idea of how long it will take to resolve with follow up visits and a self care program for home.


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