Is Everything Ok With Your Breathing?

Every day stop to make everything OK.

Stop to check in with your breathing. This is important for stress management and general good health.
Breath management is a way to connect the body and the mind.  This is beneficial for helping regulate the rates of the body such as respiration and heart rates.
The moment at the end of an exhalation is the point when thoughts stop. This is known as “thought stopping”. By focusing on controlling or pausing your breath, the mind becomes acutely aware of the body.  In other words, the diaphragm is a voluntary muscle that is controlled. By pausing at the end of an exhalation, the unconscious mind is put on hold in order to bring the conscious mind back into your body.
For example, one shoulder could be more tensed up than the other throughout the day, but your thoughts may be focused on what you did yesterday or what you will be doing tomorrow, rather than on the present moment and what it is your body needs at that moment.
When you stop to take a moment, the involuntary motion of breathing causes your attention to becomes centered on the current presence of the body and what is occurring within it.  This is a powerful method to apply throughout the day in order to recenter your attention within your own physical makeup.
Contributed by Jeffrey Juraska, PT, MS


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