Knee Reset Quick Vid!

If you have minor knee pain or tightness, try this quick reset!

Most knees flex thousands of times a day, but it is difficult to get to end range flexion, and end range is where the magic happens! By magic, I mean sending non-threatening movement and positional information to the brain that resets the lockdown it may have on an area. One of the best resets for the knee is end range loading into extension. This exercise should not be more than uncomfortable, and if painful should be temporary and you should be able to walk it off.

It should be performed to end range 10 times/hourly and as always, if there is no change seen in your condition and/or pain, consult a physical therapist immediately!



  1. I like this! Trying this on myself immediately!!!!!

    1. Let us know how it works out for you! It should have rapid effects if it is going to work. Either in flexibility, pain or both.


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