Quick Vid! Ankle Reset

Have tight calves/ankles? Are you doing calf stretches til the cows come home? Try this quick ankle reset mobility exercise and see how quickly it may restore your mobility!

Repeat this up to ten times an hour and 10-20 times prior to working out and/or running. It should NOT be painful, but may be uncomfortable around the top of your ankle. If any pain is caused or you have a condition or motion that is not improving after 1-2 weeks, contact a physical therapist!


  1. That's great. Thank you. I was wondering if I would need to provide any resistant during this exercise?

  2. there is surgery to repair this, however, it will screw your ankle up for the rest of your life. You don't need to have crutches, but it helps to keep pressure off of the ankle while it's healing, as well as keep you from tweaking it again and hurting it worse. 


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