Open Your Heart to Change

Change is difficult, eye opening, and most of the time arrives when you least expect or desire it.
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However if we open our heart to shifts in our day to day, a new level of awareness suddenly enters. Sometimes, we get into these patterns or ruts.
Visualize a dirt path with deep, well worn groves. For awhile this rut may serve us, enabling us to travel down a worn road with little resistance. Over time, this groove limits us to expand beyond it’s directed path, and physically may cause us pain.
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Usually what limits us from leaving the comfort of the directed path is fear. Our minds question the uncertain future when we step into uncharted roads. This is the time to listen to the heart. Put, your intentions and focus on where you want this new path to lead.
open heart sequence2
Maybe take a few minutes to practice some heart and chest opening stretches, while visioning where you want your new path to lead. When done consistently over a matter of weeks you will begin to notice how deeper your breaths are, more confidence in your decisions, and an ease of movement in your body.
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 Contributed by Dr. Alison Cupini


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