Quick Link! Are Orthotics Really Necessary?

Any of my regular blog readers here or over on The Manual Therapist know how I feel about foot orthotics for pain in the lower quarter (much less the upper quarter). Most of the time they are not needed.

It seems even the general public knows not to slap a neck brace on for neck pain, but the persistent belief that orthotics help most foot/ankle, knee, hip, and/or back conditions is not the case. Here is a great post on a blog I follow regularly, The Sock Doc on this very topic.

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  1. So, I guess my point is that seeking pain relief for feet or knees is a process, and definitely no one size fits everbody. In my case, I have obviously been using several tools– supplements, Knee Savers and arch supports to address discomfort. Fortunately, none of these are too expensive, and the only way to know what works best for you is to experiment.
    be improved with proper footwear, shoe inserts or custom orthotics that correctly align the skeletomuscular structure, Lowe said. … only thing that causes customers to seek quality footwear or orthotics. “Preyentative maintenance is by far and away the most effective …Follow Link for cure
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