The Trapezius Muscle Myth

Check out my former student's recent post on the myth of muscle isolation and the "separation" of upper, mid, and lower traps. Great job James! via Somastruct

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  1. My three points:
    1. You can certainly stress one part of a muscle more via physics and biomechanics in relation to their attachments. Muscle fibers react in relation to stress applied.
    2. The biceps brachii flexes the elbow and the shoulder. You can do one without the other; we are capable of moving one joint with a two joint muscle.
    3. The Trap is a multi-joint mover: extending/rotating the occipitoatlanto joint --> to causing ipsilateral rotation all the way down to T12 spinous process as well as multiple functions of the scapulothoracic "joint". Under the all-or-nothing argument all of these things should occur with contraction. Non-visual movement does not equate to inactivity in a muscle. Antagonists are likely the cause of preferred movement in multijoint muscles.

    So sure, you can strengthen the lower trap. The fibers that produce the movement that is being resisted will increase their ability to do that motion. The rest of the muscle will "learn" to participate properly as well, including antagonists.
    Right? Right.


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