Eccentric Calf Training

Eccentric training, or a "negative" as it is sometimes known has been proven in research to help treat achilles issues such as tendinosis.
If you have this condition, you should definitely see a physical therapist to get the correct prescription. However, using these exercises to improve the mobility of your ankles and calf musculature may also be preventative of future injury.

Perform these by

  • lifting your body with one leg
  • only lowering slowly from toes to the heel if on a incline, or until your heel no longer moves downward if lowering from a step
  • make sure your heel does not move inward (toes relatively outward) as you do this
  • try to lower as controlled and slowly as possible
Repeat 20-30 times, 1-2 times/daily. This may be uncomfortable, and/or a strong stretch, but never painful. Thanks to Chris Johnson for the video!



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