Who is the Musculoskeletal Expert?

As part of a direct access state, I always inform my patients if anything happens after active care is finished, irritation of the previous condition, OR a new condition, to come see the physical therapist, NOT their primary care or specialist first.

Most neuromusculoskeletal conditions do not improve with medications, injections, and surgery is not needed. Yet, these are the only things your traditional medical doctor can offer you to help. The cause of the problem is often diagnosed by a physical therapist. A physical therapist also gives you the means of self treatment. Getting at the cause, and not just treating the symptoms are what gets you better and keeps you better. Check out the results of a study on musculoskeletal knowledge where they tested orthopaedic specialists, physical therapists, PT students, and a host of other MD specialties. In short, the profession that can make you better, keep you better, and get you in sooner scored 2nd and 3rd, ABOVE the rest of the medical doctors. Via- putmebacktogether.com

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