Top 3 Posts of 2013!

Physio Answers has grown by leaps and bounds in 2013, adding several new contributors, as well as trying to feature at least 2-3 posts a week! Thank you for your support/shares and comments!

Here are the Top 3 Posts of 2013

3) 4 Exercises Your Low Back is Better Without

  • written by a colleague and friend, Dr. Ryan DeBell, this was popular both on Physio Answers and our facebook page

2) Quick Vid! Kettlebell Swing Tutorial

  • Ann Wendel, another friend and colleague created a kettlebell swing tutorial for Fitness on the Run
  • Many people do kettlebell swings incorrectly with the potential to cause low back pain
  • research shows that swings are not only safe for your lower back, but also one of the best exercises for hamstring training

1) A Clinic Checklist for Health Consumers

  • Yay! The most viewed post of the year was actually written by me and not a contributor!
  • this post is important if you are thinking about physical therapy or had the "usual" experience of a shake and bake here is your exercise card, no go do everything yourself

In 2014 we'll continue to feature more Q&A, videos, and regular posts! Happy New Year!


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