5 Reasons Why Mindfulness Should Be Part of Your Practice

If you have chronic pain, anxiety, or even addiction, the practice of mindfulness has been shown to help. Below are 5 reasons why it should be used in clinical practice.
  1. Mindfulness reduces suffering: pain, anxiety, tension.
  2. Mindfulness promotes clarity of thought.
  3. Mindfulness develops a sense of calm.
  4. Mindfulness creates an ability to focus ones attention where you want to, and not in response to the wandering mind.
  5. Mindfulness changes physiology, triggering restorative processes: e.g./ healing, digestion, sleep, anti-inflammatory action.
For more information on Mindfulness, go to Richmond Stace's website, Specialist Pain Physio, or check out the text, Mindfulness. We both recommend it highly.


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