The Very Real Dangers of Pushing Kids Too Hard

I came across this article earlier this week and thought that it was a pertinent article. I think that one of the main points, especially from a physical therapists point of view is the following, “In a national survey, it was shown that “nine out of 10 parents underestimate the length of time kids should take off from playing any one sport during the year to protect them from overuse, overtraining and burnout.”"

Not only is leaving time between seasons an important aspect of preventing injury and burnout but it is important to note that if your child is injured it is important to not rush them back from injury to soon. Especially as a child matures they need to fully recover and ease back into sport in order to best prepare them for return to sport and to help prevent future injury. It is when the proper progressions are not followed that injuries tend to linger and cause problems later down the line. If a child is not given the proper time to recover and eased back into sports an injury may not appear right away but movement compensations may lead to future injury months or even years down the road. As parents, therapists and movement professionals we can not always be short sighted with the here and now but we must keep the child’s long term progress and athletic performance in mind.


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