Is Heel Striking When Running Bad?

Running is distinguished from walking in that at some point in the running cycle both feet are in the air at the same time. This “flight” phase of the running gait occurs no matter how fast or how slow we are moving.
Landing on one foot from an unsupported position is part of what makes running physically demanding.

Running with a forefoot/midfoot strike is considered the natural way to run because this is the way people land when they run barefoot. This makes sense given that running is very similar to taking a small hop from one foot to the other. Every time your foot hits the ground a force of about 2.5 times your body weight is transmitted through your body. Landing on the forefoot allows the foot and ankle to act like springs to absorb the impact of hitting the ground. To see the rest of this post, visit James Speck's site, Soma Struct!


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