Crawling is one of the best exercises in the world.  Seriously, it’s good stuff.  Everyone from your grandma to your favorite athlete can benefit from some primal, rhythmic, reciprocal movement.  Here are some of the benefits of crawling exercises:

  • Compression to hip & shoulder Joints = Reflexive Stabilization
  • Unloaded spinal stability
  • Rich tactile, visual, & vestibular sensory input
  • Fires almost every muscle in the body
  • Simultaneously stimulates both sides of the brain (intercommunication)
  • Works on reciprocal movement patterns
  • Improves ability to dynamically control COG
  • Reorganizes nervous system
  • Takes advantage of primal movement system (“hard wired” in CNS)
  • Diaphragm works in gravity eliminated horizontal plane

Unfortunately, not everyone is ready for normal floor crawling patterns.  It is important to regress this movement pattern to the appropriate level of challenge.  Try one of these progressions/regressions the next time a patient needs some stability.

*A special thanks to Mark Cheng for teaching me the Wall Crawl regression

Contributed by Dr. Aaron Swanson


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