Quadruped Shoulder Stability

This is one of my favorite shoulder exercises.  It incorporates closed chain shoulder stability, open chain shoulder strength, and reflexive core stability.  It should be performed on both sides.  Once the motor program is clean, load it with weight.


  • Adequate proximal core stability
  • Ability to dissociate humerus and scapula
  • Adequate weight bearing scapula stability (no significant winging)

Compensations to Look Out For

  • Hyperextended lumbar spine
  • Elevated shoulder position
  • Scapula winging
  • Excessive anterior humeral glide (substitution for scapula)
  • Rotating Trunk (substitution for scapula)

1 comment:

  1. I also like using closed chain exercises like Yoga pushup or Front to side plank rotations


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