90-90 Kettlebell Shoulder Circles

Thanks to contributor Dr. Aaron Swanson for this shoulder/core and anti-rotation exercise!

This will help integrate your core stability along with grip strength, which facilitates shoulder stability. Do not perform if you have pain and see a  physical therapist if you do.

90-90 3 Month Kettlebell Arm Circles

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  1. Sounds interesting enough! Do you see good results in shoulder stability compared to none circling exercises, such as the get up or bottom up carry/press?

    1. I think this is more of a regression and get-up modification as many people cannot even do a baby get up well. Since grip strength affects scapular and shoulder stability, the circumductions are just another way training this, plus it makes it anti-rotation for the mid and lower trunk. It's a good combo and tougher than it looks.


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