Your Back and Hips Do Not "Go Out of Place" - #GetPT1st

To be fair, any health care professional that tells you this is incorrect

Every health care practitioner knows that the bones in your spine, and/or hips or sacroiliac joint do not "go in and out of place."

These educational snippets are by and large designed to keep you going to a clinician over and over again. Ever notice that if you're in pain, you have to get put back into place with "insert technique here?" However, once you're out of pain, you have to remain in place, with guess what, pretty much the same technique - HUH?

Most people, probably well over 80-90% can self treat, and do not need regular passive treatments. Yes, treatments like manipulation, soft tissue work, etc work, but not because they are putting things back into place. The bonus is that you can replicate the same mobility enhancing and pain relieving effects yourself if you do the right things instructed to you by the right clinician.

Saying you need adjusted once a week or once a month is like saying exercising once a month makes an overall difference - it doesn't last!

Your Back and Hips Do Not Go Out of Place



  1. Manipulation/mobilization is a tool but not a panacea. This is why PTs are fighting hard all across the country to be able to manipulate. It is another tool they want to use. Joints can become hypomobile as well as hypermobile. Addressing both is important. There are a combination of factors that lead to musculoskeletal dysfunction and only relying on one methodology or ignoring/ discounting one methodology is a dis-service to our patients.

  2. Love this post. I hear this all the time. Dr. E, can you give me some tips on how to educate patients away from this mindset? Maybe a way to bring up an alternative explanation for their symptoms?

    1. Sorry replying so late! I'll try and shoot a quick vid of me explaining this as if I was talking to a patient.

  3. Thanks for the tips Dr. E, always frustrating when pts come in saying that they're getting regular manipulations done by a chiro and need the same done by me but they present as hypermobile/unstable throughout lumbar and core. Might have to reference this video during an eval every once in awhile.


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