Swinging/Muscle Up/Kipping Advice To CrossFit Athletes From a PT and Gymnastics Coach

A few months ago, I started this series on some of my thoughts on injury prevention advice for people training gymnastics movements in CrossFit. In Part 1 I talked about general concepts, and in Part 2 I offered some ideas related to handstands. In honor of Power Monkey Camp 4.0 going down in just 5 days, I wanted to share some thoughts related to tapping mechanics seen in pull ups, muscle ups, and advanced bar/ring work. I think these things are big root causes for shoulder pain, low back pain, and performance issues in higher level skills.

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  1. I want to get your perspective on a recent injury I sustained about 2 months ago. I think I have a left medial clavicle dislocation with little to no pain or discomfort. The clavicle is clearly popped out relative to the manubrium. I work as a physical therapist assistant so I have told a few PT doctors about my condition and have also research online. In addition, I recently visited a chiropractor whose work is 99% deep tissue body work similar, I believe, to Rolfing. No one has attempted to fix the sublux and nothing I have read has helped to begin to move the bone back into place.

    I am 64 years old. For the last 2 years I have given up free weight training, switching to body weight work inspired by you, GMB, the Kavadlo brothers, Ido Portal, etc. I have been obsessed with mastering the muscle-up and I think that might have caused the problem with overwork and perhaps not warming up properly. Prior to the injury (about 2 months ago) I had been able to do 10+ strict bar pull-ups and 10+ deep ring dips. Like so many, I was missing the transition between those 2 moves. I found a video for a rig called The Ring Thing (see https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R-Gk0qoHbjQ#t=00h03m40s) but it was expensive so I made my own which works very well. I used it to train just in the range of the transition from ring chin-up into the start (bottom) of the ring dip, perhaps working too explosively. Also, I would practice "hanging" from the rings in a very deep bottom-of-dip position.

    I have backed off significantly from all that training and still remain pain-free when I do a 9 pull-ups or 4 dips (not deep). Currently, I am training with kettlebells doing 3 rounds of 10 reps each of squat-press, swing, and clean with a pair of 35 lbers, all without pain.

    Any thoughts on any of this?

    David Adames


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