The Shoulders | Improve Your Running Shoulder | Episode 6 | The Runners Series

When we think runners, most don’t think shoulders – I want you to start. What drives your knees forward in your run? How do you keep yourself balanced on the road? Your shoulders! Efficient and sufficient thoracic rotation, along with shoulder mobility is crucial for you to run at your peak performance.

Featuring Mitch Starkman, Physiotherapist


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About The Runners Series

The Runners Series is a head to toe break down of the running body from the eyes of a physiotherapist, with the goal of maximizing performance, while preventing injuries! It is broken down into 9 jam-packed episodes, each focusing on an important segment of The Runners Body. WE want to show YOU how to self assess, self treat and MAINTAIN your body so that you can keep wearing the treads on the bottom of your shoes, not your body!

About The Movement Centre:

The Movement Centre strives to explore, assess, and correct human movement by providing customized self-administered treatments that anyone can use through the guidance of a movement physiotherapist.

We use real cases to identify, reveal, and treat movement dysfunctions as they relate to common orthopedic issues.

The aim is to help you overcome your limiting factors, whether that is pain, performance, or both. Ultimately, we want to help you achieve your goals.

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