How to do a Push Up Ep 1

In this episode we review the basics of how to do a proper push-up. We discuss the step-by-step approach to ensure great form (from your head to your toes), in order to optimize your performance and more importantly keep your joints healthy and happy!

How to do a Push Up Ep 1

Here is what are we looking for: 1) You want your feet to be a fist width apart, and toes FULLY extended. 2) Your glutes and abdominals should be active and engaged to stabilize your core and pelvis in neutral. 3) Your shoulder blades need to be mobile on your rib cage as you go through your movement 4) Elbows should track over and be in line with your wrists 5) Your neck should stay NEUTRAL! At the end of the day, the top position of you push-up shouldn’t look to different from an AMAZING plank! Featuring Mitch Starkman, Physiotherapist PLEASE CONSIDER SUBSCRIBING: The Push-Up Series The Push-Up Series is our attempt to tackle not just how to do this in proper form, but also the top 5 most common mistakes that we see and their fixes. We’ve created a template for each of the 5 mistakes and how you can tackle it all on your own. A push-up is an amazing full body exercise - working not the arms and chest, but also challenges your core and stability. The problem is that most people assume it is isolating just our chest muscles, when in fact it is doing anything BUT that! Keep your form strong and follow along to ensure you can truly push-up and Move Like You Mean It! About The Movement Centre: The Movement Centre strives to explore, assess, and correct human movement by providing customized self-administered treatments that anyone can use through the guidance of a movement physiotherapist. The aim is to help you overcome your limiting factors, whether that is pain, performance, or both. Ultimately, we want to help you achieve your goals. *************************************** Connect with The Movement Centre: The Movement Centre WEBSITE: Watch The Movement Centre CHANNEL: Follow The Movement Centre on INSTAGRAM: Follow The Movement Centre on FACEBOOK: *************************************** When in doubt, it is always a good idea to get assessed by your healthcare practitioner so you can truly Move Like You Mean It! This is not personalized medical advice.


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