The Push Up Series: Elbow Flare

The elbow flare is a serious issue. As the elbows “bow” outwards, it forces the shoulders into a weakened position. Not to mention it doesn’t look cool at all! This position is not too different from the Hawkins Kennedy test, a provocative test that health care providers can use to see if you have shoulder impingement. If you are regularly doing a push-up in a provocative test position - it can only lead to bad things!

This flare can be the result of many factors, but some common ones include shoulder and wrist range of motion. For this episode we are focused in on the wrist. If your wrist is unable to extend as you drop down into a push-up, the weight of your body will force your elbows to flare outwards.

The Push Up Series Ep 5: Elbow Flare


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