The Push Up Series: Lower Back Sag

The lower back sag has to be one of the most common dysfunctions that we see on a day to day basis. At some point, the world decided they were going to shut off their glutes and just hang out on their spines all day long. This transfers to your training and to the push-up! The push-up is essenssiall a plank, where your arms happen to propel your body up and down while your body (at least in a standard push-up) remains stable. When your muscles go on vacation and we dont stabilze our glutes and core, what we get is the lumbar sag.

Why is this a bad thing? Well, first off, the strength and force you can develop go way down because the force you are producing from your arms can be lost in all of the moving segments of your hips and spine. Secondly, the fact that your muscles are turned off puts a heck of alot more stress on those precious small joints of your lower back which can lead to back pain! It’s crucial to maintain a solid plank position throughout your push-up so you can produce optimal force, control and move healthy! The Fix The Glute Bridge Lunge Stretch Featuring Mitch Starkman, Physiotherapist PLEASE CONSIDER SUBSCRIBING: The Push-Up Series The Push-Up Series is our attempt to tackle not just how to do this in proper form, but also the top 5 most common mistakes that we see and their fixes. We’ve created a template for each of the 5 mistakes and how you can tackle it all on your own. A push-up is an amazing full body exercise - working not the arms and chest, but also challenges your core and stability. The problem is that most people assume it is isolating just our chest muscles, when in fact it is doing anything BUT that! Keep your form strong and follow along to ensure you can truly push-up and Move Like You Mean It! About The Movement Centre: The Movement Centre strives to explore, assess, and correct human movement by providing customized self-administered treatments that anyone can use through the guidance of a movement physiotherapist. The aim is to help you overcome your limiting factors, whether that is pain, performance, or both. Ultimately, we want to help you achieve your goals. *************************************** Connect with The Movement Centre: The Movement Centre WEBSITE: Watch The Movement Centre CHANNEL: Follow The Movement Centre on INSTAGRAM: Follow The Movement Centre on FACEBOOK: *************************************** When in doubt, it is always a good idea to get assessed by your healthcare practitioner so you can truly Move Like You Mean It! This is not personalized medical advice.


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