Different Uses for a Foam Roller

Dr. Nicole Surdyka PT, DPT, CSCS @dr.nicolept on instagram goes over 3 novel ways to use a foam roller, other than rolling out your tissues! Try these, my favorite is using it as a cue for single leg RDLs!

Here are a couple of my favorite ways to use a foam roller as an external cue. . It can often be difficult for people to learn how to hip hinge correctly. Some of the more common pitfalls are: 1️⃣ Rotating the trunk during a single leg RDL 2️⃣ Performing more of a knee dominant movement (squat) rather than a hip dominant movement (hip hinge or deadlift) 3️⃣ Excessive rounding of the spine - {note: no matter what, there will always be at least some amount of flexion in the lumbar spine during a deadlift AND no movement (of the spine or otherwise) is inherently bad or dangerous unless you are unprepared for it.} . If you have a patient or client who is struggling with the hip hinge try these great external cues using a foam roller - it sure beats rolling around on one! ___________ If you want to learn more about the hip hinge and deadlifts (plus much more), as they relate to working with people in pain or training clients, @simplestrengthphysio and @matthewibrahim_ put on a great course!
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