Strengthen Those Quads!

A quick and easy drill to work on single limb stance strength and stability courtesy of Dr. Nicole Surdyka.

This exercise is a great way to get a good quad burn! . It’s also a great way to assess and train frontal plane hip, knee, and ankle control. As the moving leg goes medially and laterally, the stationary leg has to stabilize. The moving leg creates external hip abduction and adduction moments, as well as external ER and IR moments that the stationary hip has to match with internal abduction and adduction, and ER and IR moments. . At the ankle, the moving leg creates external pronation and supination moments which needs to be matched with equal internal moments in order to remain stable. . The goal is to try to remain as stable as possible while moving the opposite leg. You should also try not to bounce or push off the moving leg. . Try these out for bouts of 30 seconds on each side. Tag a friend who needs to strengthen their quads!

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