Improve Squat Depth: Adductor Rock Back with a Twist

Dr. Ryan DeBell from Movement Fix demonstrates a cool variation on the adductor rock back. This should help your squat depth by improving adductor extensibility.

This stretch is what I call the adductor rock back with a twist. . What this stretch does is two-fold: 1. It stretches the adductors, which are important to work on since they can limit your squat depth due to their anatomical attachments on your femur and pelvis. 2. The twist at the end of the range of motion helps you to differentiate hip motion from spine motion. . When you do this, try not to round your lower back. You won't get the stretch on the adductors as intended if you let your back round. You have to keep your spine stiff by contracting your abs and lower back muscles. It's a fight between your lower back and adductors. . Once you get as deep as you can, try rotating your hip joint a couple of times without rounding your back. When someone has a hard time with this they end up flexing and extending their spine instead of rotating the hip joint. You might want to record a video of yourself doing this to check form. . Repeat for 10 reps each side with 2 rotations each rep at the bottom. . We use this drill in our hip and low back mobility program on the day that focuses on rotation and the adductors (you can download a sample of the program at our link in bio). . #mfcommunity #movementfix #movement #mobility #chiro #pt #fitness #training #adductors #hips

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