Beginner Achilles Tendinopathy Exercise

Here's an entry level drill to help load Achilles Tendinopathy via my good friend and colleage Chris Johnson PT - follow him on instagram - zerenpt - Need help returning to running/sport? - Contact us here!

Great entry level drill for folks dealing w/ an #Achilles #tendinopathy to challenge within task coordination. Likely best to start on level ground to ensure tolerance b4 moving to the slantboard given the increased #compressive loads. Shoulder extensions incorporated specifically for runners and triathletes to demand an upright torso position ala Folland et al while demanding direct loading while focusing on vertical movement. Also great to load the #posterior #shoulder & #rotatorcuff. I’m basically working through different percentages of the complete range...I.e. go up to 100% then down to 50% then up to 75% then to 25% then up to 100% etc until form breaks secondary to fatigue. This can be performed 2-3x per day until you get into heavier loads. Plan to start bilateral then go to unilateral then unilateral w/ external loading w/ a wt’d vest or backpack. This is based off the work of Seth O’Neill et al among others to build strength and resolve fasciculstions that often occur among patients when performing maximal efforts of the CMC. Still lots to learn. If all else fails feel free to go back to using a metronome or Our @runcadence app and incorporate some of Ebone Rio’s TNT research. Or do whatever the hell you want so long as it involves use 🤜🏻🤜🏻🤜🏻
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