Training Knee Valgus

Training Knee Valgus, or stabilizing the inward collapse tendency of knees in closed chain can help with many different lower body issues. Here's Dr. Nicole Surdyka showing a simple and effective progression. If you need help with running or other lower body injuries, contact us for an online or live consult!
TRAINING KNEE VALGUS — This is a question I get a lot, and a topic that is still highly controversial… Do we train into knee valgus, or do we avoid it? . My opinion is that I do not feel comfortable having an athlete go onto the field, where I know for sure they are going to experience at least some degree of knee valgus in the run of play, if they have never done it in a closed environment first. I want to know that they can control that position instead of simply collapsing into it. . Having said that, I also don’t know if it’s a movement pattern we should be training into, and if it’s a movement that really needs to be loaded. I think that we’re going to start seeing fatigue as being more of a factor in ACL injuries, and I don’t want the work I do with athletes to feed into that. . The first video clip shows an exercise I like to do with athletes to help them control that knee valgus moment. The second clip shows an exercise I use to help athletes stay stable on a single leg without collapsing into knee valgus. . As I said, this topic is highly controversial and I try to avoid letting the pendulum swing too far one way or the other. . What are your thoughts on training knee valgus? Let me know below. I would love for there to be some good, respectful, open-minded dialogue in the comments!
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